List of Differences between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

While both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi is used for surfing the internet without any wires. Howe ever there are differences between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, here is the list of differences between two of them –

1. Bluetooth creates a personal area network also known as PAN while Wi-Fi creates a wireless Local Area Network also known as LAN.

2. Bluetooth is used for the short term to connect an individual computer to the internet, while Wi-Fi’s purpose is to link multiple computers together.

3. The transfer rate of data is higher in Bluetooth as compared to that of Wi-Fi.

4. While the range or distance for which Bluetooth is used is small as compared to that of Wi-Fi which can be used for longer distances.

5. It is easy to setup Bluetooth network, while a Wi-Fi requires setup of LAN which requires some configuration and know-how to allow sharing of files and resources.

6. While Bluetooth is mostly used by individuals for establishing home networks while Wi-Fi is used by big organizations or companies.

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