List of Consumer Goods

Consumer goods are those goods which are used or consumed by the final consumer or customer; therefore they are at the end of production chain which implies that they are not used for further production. Given below is the list of some of the consumer goods –

  1. Electronic items like television, laptops, air conditioner, iPod, mobiles and so on
  2. Cosmetics items like soaps, shampoo, sunscreen lotions, nail polish, perfumes etc….
  3. Food items like bread, milk, cornflakes, butter, pizza, fruits, edible oils, cereals etc….
  4. Furniture like sofa, bed, dining table and so on
  5. Utensils like Tea-kettle, Frying-pans, spoons, toaster etc…
  6. Automobiles for personal use like cars, bikes
  7. Gold and diamond jewellery

Apart from above there can be more included in the above list because there are thousands of consumer goods and that is the reason why classification of consumer goods is tricky because the same set of goods can be consumer good for one person and intermediate good for other person. For example a refrigerator kept in a home is a consumer item for an individual but a refrigerator kept in a hotel or ice cream parlor is an intermediate item because it helps in earning income for the owner and it is not consumed by the owner.

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