List of common Repetition mistakes in Grammar

Here are some of the common mistakes done by people with regard to grammar –

1. Not using machine with the word ATM that is ATM machine

2. Not using completely with word Destroyed or Eliminate or Annihilate that is Completely destroyed

3. Not using in the morning with the word A.M. that is7 a.m. in the morning

4. Not using brief with the word Summary that is Brief summary

5. Not using basic with the word Fundamentals which implies Basic fundamentals

6. Not using armed with the word Gunman which impliesArmed gunman

7. Not using choice with the word Alternative which implies Alternative choice

8. Not using into groups with the word Classify that is Classify into groups

9. Not using together with the word Cooperate that is Cooperate together

10. Not using about with the word Estimated at that is Estimated at about

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