List of Common Homonyms

Homonyms refers to those word or words which sounds very similar but the meaning of them is different and therefore they are quite confusing because if they are not heard properly than it can lead to confusing situations. There are many homonyms, however given below is the list of some of the common homonyms which we encounter daily –

  1. Accept and Except – While accept refers to take whereas except means to exclude or leave.
  2. Cast and Caste – Cast refers to throw or toss something, while caste refers to social group of people.
  3. Complement and Compliment – Meaning of Complement is to be complete or matching, while compliment means to praise somebody.
  4. Fair and Fare – While fair means white in color whereas fare implies price or tariff.
  5. Die and Dye – While die means to be dead whereas dye refers to color or pigment which people use for hairs.
  6. Discreet and Discrete – Meaning of discreet is to be very cautious or alert while discrete implies separation or to be distinct.
  7. Elicit and Illicit – Elicit means to draw out or obtain something while illicit denotes something which illegal or unlawful.
  8. Knew and New – Knew means to know while new means original or fresh.
  9. Plane and Plain – Plane refers to aircraft or jet while plain means simple or something which very basic.
  10. Principal and Principle – Principal means the head of institution or main thing, while principle refers to set of standards or beliefs.
  11. Sore and Soar – Meaning of Sore is something which is painful or hurting whereas soar implies flying high or ascend to the top.
  12. Very and Vary – Very is used when we want to emphasis something special like very beautiful, very tragic. Whereas vary implies to be different from others.

Apart from above there are many Homonyms which can be included in the above list, if you have any suggestion regarding more common Homonyms which you encounter daily than do share with us.

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