List of Circle Rates in Delhi

Circle rate is used in the context of real estate market; it denotes the minimum price for properties like flat, land etc… It is important to know circle rates if you are planning to buy property, given below is the list of circle rates which are applicable in Delhi –

A category of locality – 86000

B – 68200

C – 54600

D – 43600

E – 36800

F – 32200

G – 27400

H – 13800

Above prices are for valuation of land which is used for residential purpose and they are calculated in rupees per square meter.  Apart from above construction price is also there for each circle and also if you are using land for commercial or industrial purpose than above rates would be different and one should not use above prices for calculation. Also these rates keep changing from time to time and hence one should keep that in mind and check for any announcement regarding that change.

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