List of Bengali Surnames

Given below is the list of common surnames which are used by the people of West Bengal –

  1. Banerjee
  2. Ganguly
  3. Bose
  4. Chakraborty
  5. Sengupta
  6. Chatterjee
  7. Mukherjee
  8. Basu
  9. Sen
  10. Bhattacharyya
  11. Sanyal
  12. Ghosh
  13. Majumdar
  14. Das
  15. Dasgupta
  16. Tagore

Apart from above there are many other surnames which can be added to above list.

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  • kumar

    Here in this list not all surnames are listed please don’t make such list if u don’t know about bengal and bengali surnames you need to know the surnames in detail

    • I have clearly mentioned if you carefully read the post that many more surnames can be included in the above list

  • Meera

    hi,please say in which caste ‘Mandhyan’ subcaste of Bengal is included ?(means Forward,OBH,OBC,SC,ST….etc…)

  • krish thakur a bengali surname

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