IPL Fights

Indian premier league not only provides entertainment in the form of cricket and glamour but also give rise to fights between players and thus it creates controversies. Given below are some of the major and infamous IPL Fights –

  1. Harbhajan singh and sreesanth slap incident in 2008
  2. Virat Kohli and Gautam Gambhir brawl in 2013
  3. Shahrukh khan wankhede stadium controversy
  4. Shane warne and Sanjay Dixit spat over pitch related issue
  5. Ravindra Jadeja banned in 2010 due to negotiating of contract with another franchise.

One thing is for sure above incidents are not the last and as long as this tournament goes on we will be continuing seeing such type of brawls and controversies happening in this glamorous version of gentleman’s game called cricket.

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