IPL Advantages and Disadvantages

IPL also known as Indian premier league has been quite successful but still many controversies surround this tournament and that is the reason why it is important to look at advantages and disadvantages of IPL –

IPL Advantages

  1. It helps in improving the local talent of India because they get to play with superstars of cricket of all over the world and hence help them prepare better for future.
  2. It also improves the stadiums because of money which flows into the system and hence improve the basic infrastructure which is needed for the game of cricket.
  3. Since it has a 3 hour game many viewers like women and children’s who refrained from watching test or one day cricket go to watch these matches and hence increase the popularity of the game.

IPL Disadvantages

  1. Many critics have been pointing out that it spoils the young talent because of the money and glamour involved in this format and late night parties only add controversies and cricket takes the backseat.
  2. Many times Indian players conflict with each other like harbhajan and sreesanth fight or virat kohli and gautam gambhir fight and hence it leads to tension in the dressing room of Indian cricket team leading to fall in performance of team at international level.
  3. It does not give the feeling of game and intense rivalry is missing and hence it has become more like a movie or daily soap opera and the viewer forgets the match as soon as it is finished which is not the case with test match or one day cricket matches which are remember for decades and players performance are also remembered for ages.
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