Innovative Sentence Examples

Innovative means finding new ways to do things and it can used in that context only, given below are some of the examples where one can use innovative in a sentence –

  1. Tom found many innovative ideas at his workplace like using shortcuts while making power point presentation; doing multitasking so that he can complete the work early and can concentrate on his studies which he is doing for distance learning MBA.
  2. In order to celebrate his birthday in an innovative way David took all his friends to Water Park instead of giving birthday party at home.
  3. In order to increase the sales in this competitive world majority of companies needs to use innovative marketing techniques instead of depending on traditional methods of marketing as it a dynamic field and organisations which fail to do it can never survive.
  4. An interior designer needs to be innovative in his or her approach like giving advice on how to adjust furniture or where to put paintings and so on in order to be called an effective designer and becoming popular in the eyes of his or her clients.


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