Functions of HR Manager

Many aspiring students’ wants to join the HR department of the company’s without knowing the role or functions of HR manager, though many universities such as Saint Mary’s University now offer online masters in human resources that will give you a head start over the competition and in your career. However before joining the human resource department you should have an idea about the role or function of human resource manager. Human resource manager basically means a person who has to manage people or employees in the organization. However in today’s complex world the role or function of human resource manger is much more than just managing the people. Given below are some of the functions of HR manager –

  1. Recruitment – It is the primary function of HR manager to find suitable candidates for the various vacant positions in the company.
  2. Compensation Negotiation – The compensation which is payable to employees varies from employee to employee and it is the HR manager who has to negotiate with the selected candidates about the salary package and try to convince them to join the company on a salary package which company wants to give and not what employee wants.
  3. Performance Appraisal – Another important function or role of human resource manger is to do performance appraisal of the employees which implies giving increments and promotion to the current employees of the company.
  4. Planning and Controlling – HR manager is also responsible for planning the human resource polices with regards to various aspects of job like leaves to employees, training of employees etc….., another role of HR manager is to convince the employee not to leave the company and also to conduct exit interview if the employee is leaving the company.
  5. Relationship Handling – A HR manager has to ensure that relationship between employees in the company are cordial and there are no disputes between the employees and if there are any such disputes HR manager should be able to resolve that at the earliest.
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