Features of a Good Brand Name

When you come to think of McDonald, Microsoft, Honda or apple, what they have in common well it’s the brand name which these companies have achieved over past few years. A good brand name can go a long way in ensuring that company succeeds in its objective of achieving the desired sales and profits. Given below are some of the features which a good brand name should have –

1. It should be such that it goes well with the use of the product or service; it should not be such that it does not convey anything about the product or service.

2. It should not be long enough because when comes to brand name, people will most likely remember a short  name over long names.

3. Company should make sure that brand name is not subject to any copyrights or legal problem because if that is the case then it can be a disastrous situation for a company.

4. It should not be outdated name and at the same it should not be modern, in short brand name should be one which appeals to all the age groups rather than concentrating certain age group.

Apart from above there can be many modification done to a brands name depending on the industry and customers base which a company wants to serve.

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