Facebook Addiction Signs

Facebook is great way to get in touch with your friends and family and know about current happenings of their life, however gradually facebook for some people is becoming an addiction which should not happen because addiction of anything is bad. Given below are some of the signs which tells that you are becoming a facebook addict –

  1. When the number of pictures you have uploaded on the facebook exceeds the number of hairs on your body.
  2. When you start checking you FBaccount from anywhere whether its college, airport or even hospitals.
  3. When you start making fun of a person because he or she has less number of friends on FB.
  4. When chatting with your FB friends becoming more important for you rather than meeting your friends who are in town.
  5. When you keep searching for facebook shortcuts or facebook applications all day along even if you don’t need one.
  6. When you start updating your facebook status for smaller things like today you went for shopping or you are suffering from cold. Do you think people care about such things you should update your facebook status only when it is necessary rather than keep updating it as if you are a celebrity and everyone in this world wants to know about you all the time.
  7. When you are more interested in latest updates about facebook than the current happenings across the world whether its earthquake, economic meltdown or political news, all these news takes backseat for you in front of FB.
  8. When you are more interested in searching for FB acronyms, and posting it in your status updates so that you can flaunt to your friends when they do not have any idea about such acronyms.
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