Export Item List

India export many products or items to the world, gone are the days when India did not exported much now India exports many items. At present though India is net importer but in future years it is expected to be net exporter, given below is the list of some of the export items –

  1. Agro related items, rice, sugar, Food Grains, Fruits etc…
  2. Apparels, Saree, Fabrics and Casual Wear
  3. Auto Parts and bearings
  4. Chemicals
  5. Diamonds, Gemstones and Fashion Jewelry
  6. Adhesives
  7. Electronic Equipment
  8. Fashion Accessories and Footwear
  9. Coffee and Packaged goods
  10. Confectionery Products
  11. Furniture and Home Furnishing
  12. Hand Tools
  13. Handicrafts
  14. Herbal Products
  15. Iron Ore
  16. Laboratory Equipment
  17. Textile Machinery
  18. Water Pumps
  19. Welding Equipment
  20. Wires
  21. Marble and Granite
  22. Medical Equipment & Supplies
  23. Pipes, Pumps and Pipe Fittings
  24. Plastic Products
  25. Leather Bags
  26. Rubber Products
  27. Rugs
  28. Scientific Instruments
  29. Soap
  30. Sportswear

Apart from above there are many other items which can be included in the above list and if services are also included than you can add software services, BPO and KPO to the above group of item.

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