Examples of Overconfidence

It is nice to be confident about yourself but too much of it can be harmful as it will lead to disastrous consequences and one would end up making fool of oneself. Given below are some of the examples of overconfidence –

  1.  Driving a car a on a highway is a sign of confidence but driving a car without seatbelt is an example of overconfidence.
  2. When you are earning huge sums of money it is always advisable to have proper financial discipline and not be overconfident that you can spend money in any way.
  3.  Students who are good at studies often fail in important examinations and the primary reason for their failure is that they are overconfident that for them any exam is like a walk in the park.
  4. A person who is strongly built often bully people because of overconfidence that nobody can hit back, but history is filled with examples where his assumption has failed miserably.


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