Effects of Air Pollution

Many times you hear the word air pollution being one of the primary concerns for the people of the world, one of the main reasons behind global warming is air pollution. It is long being considered as a major threat to the life of living beings because of many negative effects, given below is the list of effects of air pollution –

  1. It affects the health of people, for example people suffering from lung diseases are more vulnerable to air pollution, also old age people and small children are more prone to diseases arising from air pollution.
  2. It is a huge danger to natural resources of the world like rivers, forests and other such important natural resources.
  3. It’s the trees and plants which are most affected by the air pollution and therefore air pollution is a big danger to the balance of the ecosystem of the world.
  4. It also affects the health of the animals and many animals are in danger of extinction due to the air pollution.
  5. It also affects the soil which in turn results in the agriculture produce being contaminated and entering into human bodies.
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