Distance Education Advantages and Disadvantages

Distance education is one thing which always confuses the students as opinion is divided over whether it helps in securing a job or not. Hence if you are one of those students who is confused about it then you should look into advantages and disadvantages of distance education –

Advantages of Distance Education

  1. It saves lot of cost or money as regular course are more expensive than Correspondence and therefore it is one of the major advantage of distance education.
  2. You can have your own time table and luxury of studying whenever you have time because in regular course you have to study according to the timings of institutes while under Correspondence you are your own boss.
  3. Today the whole world has become an online place where there is no dearth of resources on internet and therefore you can access all you want from the internet and have the knowledge equal to that of students studying regular course.
  4. It can be pursed when you are employed and therefore you get the advantage of having additional degree while you are working and you do not have to resign from your job to purse a course.

Disadvantages of Distance Education

  1. There is no competition in distance education and that sometimes can be a drag on you performance because sometimes competition can bring best in you, which happen if you are enrolled in regular course.
  2. Many employers prefer regular degrees as compared to distance learning degrees and therefore this one of the main disadvantage of pursing it.
  3. There is no campus placement if you successfully complete distance education and therefore you have to find the job yourself under it.
  4. Students do not get the opportunity to hone their communication skills if you are enrolling for it because under regular courses there are many opportunities to improve communication skills which is not the case with distance education course.
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