Direct Marketing Advantages

Direct marketing as the name suggests, under this marketing strategy the product or service is not marketed through traditional channels like television, radio etc…. Under it companies go directly to the customers through medium such as catalogue distribution and street advertising. Given below is the list of advantages of direct marketing –

  1. It leads to saving lot of money for the company, because mediums like television are expensive when it comes to advertising and small companies can save that money if they go for direct marketing.
  2. The response of the consumer can be seen immediately and the company can know the difficulties which the consumers are facing while using their product or service.
  3. Direct marketing is more targeted because company sends mail or catalogue only to those people who are potential customers of the product or service of the company which is not possible in case of advertisement on televisions.
  4. Direct marketing results are easier to observe, in the sense that company management can judge its effectiveness far more easily than other forms of marketing.
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