Differences between Product and Service Marketing

Marketing involves convincing the customers to buy the product or service of a company by the sales people. Both product and service sales involves the same thing that is convincing the customer to consume the product or service. However there are some differences between the two, given below is the list of differences between the two –

  1. While product marketing involves marketing for tangible goods, tangible goods are those goods which can be seen. While service marketing in intangible because it involves services and services cannot be seen and that is why they are intangible.
  2. While product marketing is same for all the persons, but services marketing differs from person to person.
  3. Examples of product sales can be sales for goods such as soap, electronic items, industrial products etc….., while examples of service sales are insurance selling, banks relationship marketing etc…..
  4. It can be done in bulk while service marketing cannot be done in bulk rather it is done on individualistic basis.
  5. Product sales does not require maintaining the continuous relations with customers rather it requires great effort at the time of selling while service sales requires maintaining continuous relations with the customers, because services are to be provided continuously which is not the case with products.
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