Differences between Authority and Power

Though both authority and power are used interchangeably in an organization but they both are different and here is the list of difference between the two –

1. While authority can be defined as the right to command while power is the ability to command group of people.

2. While authority is exercised in formal organizations whereas power is often exercised in an informal organization.

3. A person has authority because of the structure of the organization while power is more due to the personal traits of a person and also his or her relationship with others in the organization. A person may have authority but now power to pursue people to do their job effectively and vice versa.

4. While it is easy to fix the responsibility to the person who has the authority, but it is difficult to fix responsibility to the person who has exercised his or her power.

5. There are certain rules or steps which person have to take before exercising his or her authorities while powers can be exercised by the person without following any steps.

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