Difference between Facebook and Twitter

Facebook and twitter are the products or invention of modern times and the current generation loves to spend hours on both of them. Though both are social networking sites still there are some differences between the two, given below are some of the differences between Facebook and twitter –

  1. Main idea behind Facebook is to make friends and also connect to your old friendship circle while main idea behind twitter is to update your followers about the current news and also about yourself.
  2. Twitter is used by majority of celebrities to update their fans about themselves which is not the case with Facebook.
  3. Facebook is like a personal diary where you share your pictures and thoughts with only selected people whereas twitter is like a newspaper, where you can subscribe or follow anybody if one wants to remain updated about that person or media.
  4. Many corporates use twitter for branding and marketing purpose by constantly giving tweets about their products and news of the company while on Facebook companies give advertisements about the products of company.

To say that one is better than other would be similar to comparing Microsoft and Apple, we all know that they both have different purpose and users and that is why they both are used by many people across the world.

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