Difference between E-Ticket and I-Ticket

E and I – Ticket are used in the context of railways, when you book rail tickets online you will have the option to choose either of two options and without knowing the difference between the two one cannot select the option. Given below are the differences between E and I ticket –

  1. In case of e ticket you have to take the print out of it and keep with you so that whenever the TC demands it you can produce it along with your identity proof document like passport, driving license etc…., while in case of I – Ticket it will come to your house through post in the address mentioned by you while booking through internet.
  2. While e ticket can be booked at anytime and also one can take as many photocopies as one wants so that if one copy is lost he or she can use the other copy but as far as I – Ticket is concerned it has to be booked before 3 or 4 days prior to the journey because it takes time as it comes through post.
  3. E ticket is more popular and majority of people select this option because of the ease with which it can be obtained as these days printer is available almost everywhere whereas I ticket is not that popular because of the time factor associated with this form of booking and also if one wants to cancel the same than it cannot be done online rather one will have to go to railways station reservation counter and then cancel it.
  4. There are no extra charges like postal charges in case of e ticket as compared to I – Ticket.

As one can see that there are many differences between the two and one should look closely the differences and then decide about his or her booking method because both the methods are popular and depending on your requirement you can select either of the two.

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