Cricket Fielding Positions

Cricket is a game where 2 teams play and in each team there are 11 players, cricket has 3 formats namely test match, one day and twenty – twenty.  In cricket fielding positions are of paramount importance because as the leader of a team one has to carefully make a strategy regard the field set up against the other team. The Captain of a team can set field on both on and off side of the wicket. Given below is the list of various fielding positions –

On side of the wicket

  1. Long on
  2. Mid on
  3. Leg Slip
  4. Long leg
  5. Deep Fine leg
  6. Short and forward short leg
  7. Silly Mid on
  8. Mid Wicket
  9. Leg gully
  10. Square and Deep square leg

Off side of the wicket

  1. Long off
  2. Mid off
  3. Silly Mid off
  4. Extra Cover
  5. Cover
  6. Point
  7. Slip
  8. Gully
  9. Backward Point
  10. Third Man

Apart from above fielding positions there is one wicket keeper and also the bowler who delivers the bowl.

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