Characteristics of MIS

MIS that is Management Information System can be defined as a system which helps the management in doing its job effectively and efficiently by collecting, processing and organizing data. Here is the list of Characteristics of MIS

1. It is the result of management needs and various business objectives.

2. Management Information system is an integrated system. A variety of factors, which can produce more meaningful information for the management, are integrated so that management can take better decisions regarding the company.

3. Since MIS is an integrated system, so it can be simply recognized as the key source of information flow, which ensures that, there will not be any duplication in the information which is generated through MIS.

4. Management Information System is designed in such a way that it can meet the future requirements of the company. Therefore, there should be a proper planning done before implementing the Management Information system in the company.

5. An important feature of it is that it is a computerized system. Data collection and its processing work are done through electronic media which assures precision and consistency of the system.

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