Characteristics of Information

Information is something which we all carve out for, however not all information is important only some of the information are important others are worthless. Given below are the some of the characteristics which information should have in order to be important for a person –

1. It should be on time, timeliness is the most important thing when it comes to information. If it is received after the time for which it was meant than it is worthless.

2. It should be complete; any information’s which is incomplete should not be passed further.

3. Information’s which is being passed should mention that to whom it is addressed, because informations to a wrong person can lead to disastrous results.

4. It should be free from bias of the person who is passing the it to the other party, because majority of the information’s which is being passed are biased and therefore cannot be relied upon.

5. Information should not be too lengthy because, lengthy information’s tends to have repetition and they also do not serve the purpose when it comes to quick decision making.

6. It should be always of such nature it cannot be modified by person passing the information’s for his or her benefit.

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