BPO Interview Questions

Business Process Outsourcing, BPO is one field where job seeker can get job without having much technical qualification and therefore it is preferred by many people when it comes to job. However Business Process Outsourcing interview is not that easy as thought by many and therefore one should prepare well for Business Process Outsourcing interview, given below are some of the interview questions which job seeker may face during BPO interview –

  1. Tell me about yourself, will be the first question no matter which BPO company you go whether it’s local or multinational.
  2. If you are fresher than they will ask why you want to join Business Process Outsourcing sector and what do you know about Business Process Outsourcing sector.
  3. If you are experienced then they will ask about your previous company and why you left the job.
  4. Are you a team player, because in Business Process Outsourcing sector one has to work with team.
  5. Are you willing to work in shifts, because in majority of the BPO companies work is done in night.
  6. What do you know about this company and their clients because in BPO you will be working to satisfy those clients.
  7. If you are a graduate and went for BPO interview then they will ask why you are not doing further studies.
  8. There will some technical questions also depending on the BPO Company and the position for which you have applied.
  9. General questions like what are you hobbies, strengths and weakness.
  10. Where you see yourself 3 or 5 years from now and whether you want to make you career in BPO industry or it is just for 6 months so as to earn some money and have fun.
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  • Ramesh

    How many BPO interview rounds ?

    • In most of the BPO companies there are 4 rounds of interview, first round is the written test where they ask aptitude, reasoning questions and general knowledge questions. Second round is group discussion round, third round is technical round where they test your technical knowledge, and the last round of interview is HR round.

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