Benefits of Digital Signature

Digital signature is a term which has come into existence due to tremendous technological development which has taken place in the past decade , digital signatures are like signatures on paper which gives the receiver of the message a surety that message was sent by the person who has done the signature. Given below are some of the benefits of it –

  1. Since most of the work is done online,it  is one of the ways of authenticating the message and therefore it is of great help.
  2. This unlink the normal signature is difficult to forge and therefore it is a much safer to transact with the help of a it as compared to traditional signature.
  3. It saves lot of time because if some had to send the authentication through signing the papers then he or she had to send it through post or courier which would take 2 or 3 days, while digital signature can be send instantly.
  4. It is easier to verify a digital signatures than normal signatures as there are less chances of any other person duplicating the signatures.
  5. It is sometimes the only way out and therefore the importance of digital signature cannot be underestimated.
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