Advantages of Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is one which allows people to see and interact with each other even when two people are at different locations. Given below are some of the advantages of video conferencing –

  1. It can extremely advantageous for companies when they are taking an interview of people from far off areas, because with the help of video conferencing the top management of the companies can conduct interview without moving.
  2. It is also helpful when company decide to do meeting at a short notice, because when emergency meeting is called it is not possible to arrange for tickets of air or rail and video conferencing can be a great option to conduct such meetings.
  3. It is helpful when one has to demonstrate a product to people who are far off and therefore company can attract such people to its product through video conferencing.
  4. In case of medical emergency, video conferencing is often used to consult doctors across the globe in order to save the life of an individual.
  5. It can also be of great advantage for schools which are in rural areas, as it is difficult to find people who are willing to go to rural areas and therefore video conferencing can be used to teach students of rural area schools.
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