Advantages of Reading Books

Books as a term brings joy to those who love to read books and tears to those who have to give exam, jokes apart book is the ultimate friend of human being and there are many advantages of reading books. Given below are some of the advantages of reading a book –

  1. The person who reads has more concentration levels than a person who does not read, and we all know that concentration is the key to success in every field of life.
  2. A person will never fell depressing if he or she has the habit of reading, and in this world of loneliness, this depressing felling is shared by many youngsters who are hooked to social networking websites. So if you are one of those who have 100 online friends but no real friend than start reading books, you will never fell that you are alone.
  3. Books are perhaps the cheapest form of entertainment; still people complain that why to waste money on books, so next time you are passing through a book store do not hesitate to step into that book store because it’s worth it.
  4. It is said that knowledge is wealth and there is no better source of knowledge than a book, only exception being if you are one of those who surf the internet only for Wikipedia, which rarely is the case.
  5. If one reads the books related to his or her field than it gives that individual professional edge over his or her peers.
  6. Spending 10 to 12 hours a day in front of both television or internet leads to eye problems and many other such diseases, such things can be avoided if one reads the book even for 1 hour a day.

Reading books in this age of technology may sound as if one is back to Stone Age but the fact is books will always remain the best source of knowledge no matter how much technological advancement takes place.

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