Advantages of Prepaid Mobile

As a customer if you purchase a mobile the next big question is whether to take prepaid or postpaid connection as both of them have their own advantages as well as disadvantages. Given below are some of the advantages of prepaid mobile –

  1. When one go for this option then there are no fixed monthly bills and one will have to pay for the time for which he or she talks with his or her friends and family.
  2. Prepaid mobile can be compared with debit card because while using this you know your talk time expenses immediately and if they are high you can stop or reduce the expenditure by talking less unlike postpaid card where you know monthly mobile bill at the end of month and hence no question of controlling the expenditure.
  3. One can get recharge done easily because of presence of large number of shopkeepers as nowadays every second shop has cell phone prepaid cards.
  4. One can get benefit from various schemes like full value talk time value so for example if you recharge for 100 rupees you will get talk time worth 100 rupees.
  5. In prepaid there are also add one options available like you can lower the call rate by purchasing card, so for example if your call rate is 60 paisa per minute then you can purchase a card and lower that call rate to 30 paisa or 20 paisa per minute.


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