Advantages of Personal Interview Survey

While taking statistical survey many companies insists on having personal interview as a method of study because of many benefits associated with it. Given below are the various advantages of personal interview survey –

  1. It has higher response rate as compared to other methods because there is a direct contact between the individual taking the interview and the respondent.
  2. In this method the interviewer can ask many questions and also questions can be changed according to personality of the respondent which helps in making the survey more detailed and elaborate for the firm.
  3. In other surveys one gets limited information because of multiple choice questions while under this technique even open ended questions are possible which opens the door to new source of information from respondents.
  4. Chances of firm getting misinterpreted information are less under this method because this is first-hand information which is likely to be more accurate than other source of information.

However this method has certain disadvantages like it is more time consuming than other ways of study and also it requires many interviewers which makes it more expensive and therefore not all companies can undertake this type of survey.

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