Advantages of LAN

LAN is the acronym for local area network which refers to a computer network that connects computers with each other in a limited physical area which may be a home, school, or office which enables the users to take advantage of sharing. Given below is the list of some of the advantages of LAN or local area network –

  1. By using LAN people can share devices such as laser printers or scanners and therefore can save the money.
  2. LAN is most often used by people to play games with their friends and LAN enables them to enjoy multiplayer gaming.
  3. LAN enables easy file sharing in a short distance and can be of great use at colleges and schools.
  4. LAN helps in coordinating data over many computers which can be put to many uses by the users.
  5. If there is local area network than many people can do internet even if there is one connection of internet and therefore LAN is used at many schools, colleges as well as offices.
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