Advantages and Disadvantages of Social Networking

Social networking is like a cherry on the cake where the internet is a cake and social networking a cherry, just as without cherry a cake is incomplete in the same way internet without social is incomplete. However social networking has both benefits and limitations, given below are the advantages and disadvantages of social networking

Advantages of Social Networking

  1. It helps individuals in making new friends and also finding old friends who might not have been touch for years and without this platform it would have been impossible to get in touch with them again. In simple words it helps in reviving old relations and helps in making new relations.
  2. It helps in breaking monotonous life of individuals as these sites are filled with activities and really have interesting applications which never allow you to get bored which is great since people need enjoyment after hard day of work which these sites provides.
  3. It also helps in expanding your business because there are millions of people who are on these sites and there is no better medium to promote your business among you friends, family and others than social media.
  4. One never feels left out due to it because you get know about your family and friends birthdays, anniversaries and other important things which are happening in their life.

Disadvantages of Social Networking

  1. The biggest disadvantage of it is that there is possibility that someone may extract your personal and professional information and use it to do harm to you and therefore you should be fully aware of such things and never disclose any sensitive information like bank account details, credit card details and so on.
  2. Children at young age should never be allowed to use these sites because at such young age they would be exposed as at their age they are not in a position to decide whether it is right or wrong to be friends with strangers and also exposing them to social networks will erode their innocence. All things should be done at right time and social networking is not a right thing for very young kids.
  3. One should not get addicted to it because it can have severe repercussions like losing your productivity at work, loneliness etc…., social networking should be done but one should not do it continuously as anything done in excess is bad for you.
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