Advantages and Disadvantages of DTH

DTH also known as direct to home service is the technology under which you do not have to take cable connection rather one can have his or her own dish and can watch all channels using it. Given below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of DTH –

DTH Advantages

  1. If you are using it than you do not have to depend on your cable operator for your channels, as many of you have experienced that previously cable operators used to charge hefty amount and also they used to behave as if consumer is nothing and they are favoring them by providing them the cable connection.
  2. In DTH you can watch all satellite channels even in far flung and remote areas and therefore the mobility is the biggest advantage of this service.
  3. Once you have watched channels on DTH, you just cannot shift to cable network because the quality of it far superior as to compared o cable channels.
  4. In India due in majority of states there is electricity problem, so if you have inverter then you can enjoy nonstop entertainment because if you had cable network than even f you had electricity you would not have been able to see channels as your cable would not have been coming.

DTH Disadvantages

  1. The initial cost of DTH is between 1500 to 2500 rupees, while in the case of cable connection it is around 500 rupees and due to initial high cost many customers decide not to buy it.
  2. During bad weather conditions you may suffer from lost signal because the dish is not as powerful as big dish; however that lost signal is for few minutes or hours only and hence not such a big limitation.
  3. If the set up box or dish have some technical problem (though seldom it happens) then you have to call professional by calling the service provider, who in turn charges close to 200 to 300 rupees for the visit.
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