Advantages and Disadvantages of All in One Computer

All in one computer also known as AIO is the new technology and many companies are selling these PC. If you are thinking of buying it you should look at the advantages and disadvantages of all in one computer –


  1. Since the CPU is inbuilt it saves lot of space and therefore it just works like laptop the only difference being you can’t carry it with you or in other words it is not portable.
  2. Since these come with wireless keyboard and mouse there are no wires which makes it look pretty and not clumsy which is the case with desktops where wires are hanging all over the place.
  3. It is great for viewing movies and playing games and therefore it you are one of those who love to watch movies and play games then this is much better option for you as it has all the ingredients for a great multimedia experience.


  1. It is more expensive and therefore it is not affordable by everyone as one get higher configuration for laptop and desktop at the price which one is ready to pay for all in one.
  2. Many parts of it may or may not be available if you run out of warranty as AIO have come recently and therefore one should take into account this factor.
  3. It can be upgraded to an extent only and therefore it is a serious limitation because people love those machines which can be upgraded so that they don’t have to buy new computer after 1 or 2 year.
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