3D TV Advantages and Disadvantages

3D television is the new innovation which everyone is talking about and almost all the companies have started making and selling these 3D televisions. Before you go to buy a 3d Television for your family you should know the advantages and disadvantages associated with 3D Television. Given below is the list of advantages and disadvantage of 3D TV –

Advantages of 3D TV

  1. Since 3D television is the new technology which gives the user an experience of lifetime because 3D was possible only in theaters, now you can enjoy at your home.
  2. 3D television is better than other televisions when it comes to picture and sound quality.

Disadvantages of 3D TV

  1. The biggest disadvantage of 3D Television is that it requires used of glasses to see the 3D content and therefore one cannot see television for long hours wearing those glasses.
  2. Since this is the new technology the prices of 3D TV are sky high and out of reach of normal households.
  3. The content which is shown on TV is not 3D and therefore 3D TV can be used to watch only some movies which are in 3D, therefore limiting the use of 3D TV.
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